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Character Editor

The Character Editor allows to add, remove or rename animated characters, used as player outfit, NPC outfit or monster looks.

The images must be PNG file, containing 4 directions (placed vertically) and as many animation frames as you want (placed horizontally).

The directions must be in this order (from top to bottom): South, West, East, North.

The frame divider setting allows to decide how many screen frames will use the same character animation frame. For example 10 will means your character will change 6 times per second (60FPS / 10). Increasing this value will slow down the change rate while increasing it will speed it up.

The animation type defines if the middle frame will be used also after the last frame in case it is set as "Walk Cycle", or if the animation is just what you define.

Ground X and Y defines the center point of the character, and the collision size which is around the center point define how big is the collision detection area (to prevent monsters to overlap each others as well as prevent the player to walk over a monster).

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