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House editor

The house editor relies on parts predefined inside the house part editor. If you need new art, you should start there.

The house editor let you use the different parts defined in the house part editor and build with them to create houses or any other object which can be placed on the map.

The advantage of this approach is to have multiple objects which could look differently while actually using the same art images. The house editor has also special abilities which should help you compose the object to place on the map.
On the top left part of the editor you find the "House List" showing the known houses. You can either create blank new one or clone an existing one and then modify just some parts to create easily and quickly variations.

On the bottom left part of the editor you find the "Available Parts" allowing you to add new house parts on your house design. By clicking on one of the item in this list, the part will be added on the top left corner of your house.

The top right part of the window, you find the properties linked to an house: the name and the area of collision. As always don't change the name of an house after you placed it once on a map otherwise you will break your maps. For the collision area, you can either click on the "Collision" link and then drag an area on the design part of the editor or edit the numeric values directly.

On the bottom part of the screen you find some commands which may help you while designing your house. The special button "Snapping" let part sticks one to the other if activated (in green).

The design part of the editor let you select a part by clicking on it, and then drag it around. For more precise movement you can also (once the part is selected) use the arrow keys.

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