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Map Actions

Map actions are special items which are visible only while editing a map. While editing the map actions appear as red circles and while playing they are completely invisible.

When map actions are selected as current tool of the map editor, the editor window is split in two where the map itself is displayed on the top part and a special editor appears under.

Placing map actions require just to click on the map, and a new map action will appear as a red circle. However to remove it, you must select the map action by clicking on it, and then press the "Delete Map Action" button which appears at the bottom of the window.

When a new map action is added or a previous one is selected (by clicking on it), the map action editor, which sits on the bottom part of the window, will shows actions and conditions linked to this particular map action.

Map actions allows to do trigger some events when the player walks over them. For example change map or... if you are really nasty kill the player as he should not walk over your flowers.

Multiple actions can be executed on the same map action, and one or more conditions can be placed which means all the conditions must be met before the action is triggered. For example if the player don't have a key he / she can't enter a given house.

Unless you plan to make your game on a single zone, map actions are certainly something you want to use.

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