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Map Editing Background Tiles

The map editor offers currently two different tools to paint background tiles on your map.

  1. Background tile: let you paint the selected tile directly without any further logic. This allows to place the exact tile you want where you want it. The left button will paint with the select background tile, while the right button will remove the change and put back the previous tile. Ctrl + left button will fill the area with the selected tile (up to 5000 tiles will be painted).
  2. Smart tile: smart painting or smart tile uses advance logic to "smooth" tiles for you, allowing you to select the kind of tile you want and letting the tool find the transition with the surrounding tiles. Only the left click works, however you can easily drag the mouse around and the tiles under the mouse will be replaced without having to click all the time.
    For this mode to work, transitions between tiles must be defined on the "Art" => "Tiles" editor.

    Smart tiles are best for transitions like between water and sand for a beach or for automatically creates hills. This works with 4 or 12 transitions tiles. As default content we offer you already some predefined transitions such that you can see how it works and the speed advantages of this tool.
    In this example we used a plain grass terrain and smart painted water on some points, the borders between the water and the grass have been added for us by the tool.
  3. Path tile: let you quickly paint paths, roads or rivers connecting the tiles one to the other wihtout having to switch between the different background tiles. To paint paths simply start painting on the map and the editor will pick the right tile as well as modifying the tiles around to match.
    For this mode to work, a path needs to be defined on the "Art" => "Tiles" editor.
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