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Map Objects Editor

Map objects are basically images you can place on your map which may or may not collide with the player and the monsters.

To add new map objects simply upload a new image on the engine editor and start filling up the properties:
Warning: The name will be used from the map editor and should not be changed once you start using it otherwise the previously created map will miss your object. You can define the position of the object within the image by clicking on the "Position" link near the X property and then dragging an area on the preview image, or by editing the coordinates directly.

The ground coordinates represent the center of the object and will be used as well as the center of the collision area. The ground coordinate can also be edited by clicking the "Ground" link or by editing the coordinate directly.

If the collision size is left empty, then the object will not block the player and the monsters, while if a value is entered then a circular area around the ground coordinate will be used as blocking area.

If multiple objects are stored on a single image, you can "Clone" the object and simply edit the properties.

Others items sharing the same image will appear as gray boxes and can be clicked to switch from one to the other directly without having to find them on the item list.

While uploading an image or later by pressing the "Detect" button, it is possible to let the engine detect images boundaries automatically. The engine will add up to 100 different items in one shot (to avoid to freeze the browser for too long), however depending on the size and the number of items to add this operation can take some time. All newly discovered items will appear in the list as "detect_xxx" where xxx is a progressive number.

Map objects can contain a logic (conditions & actions) which are added on the map object editor itself. The logic can be set on both the touch / click or while walking over. If some actions are set, then the object becomes interactive on the map, and the player can click it or walk over it. The actions will be run if the object is within reach (160 pixels from the player for click / touch event) and the conditions are met. For both the click / touch or walk over event it is possible to decide if the object must disappear from the map or should stay visible. In any case the action can be run only once for the click / touch and only once for the walk over for any defined objects.

Each map object can also have a linked particle system allowing to have fire camps, torches or other with particles. However particles effects are not cheap in term of CPU therefore it is recommended to limit the usage of those.
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