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NPC editor

The NPC editor allows to define Non Playing Characters (NPC) which can dialog with your players. This is where you define quests and let your players discover the story behind your game. NPCs can also define shops and sell items to your players.

By clicking the link "Name" on top of the editor, the engine will generate a new random name for your NPC. You can click it as many times as you want or you can simply edit the name manually.

Note: As any other object inside the engine, names must be unique. The name is also how the engine identify the NPC and therefore don't modify the name after placing one of this NPC on the map.
NPC dialogs are split in two parts:
  1. Dialogs: which are the text the NPC will say.
  2. Answers: which are the text the player can choose and which link back to the next dialog or close the NPC dialog.
Answers can contain both conditions and actions. Conditions define if the answer is available to the player at this time, and the action defines additional actions if the player choose the answer. For example give some items or learn a new skill. The answer has in any case a "Jump to" field which by default link to "-- Close Dialog --" and if left as is will close the NPC dialog if the player choose it. This let you switch to another dialog text and allows complex dialogs between your NPC and the player.

Quest can be implemented using the "Set Quest Variable" action and the "Check Quest Variable" condition.

On the center bottom of the NPC editor, a button "NPC Shop" allows to switch the interface to edit the shop the NPC can offer (using the action "Show Shop"). In this mode, the editor let you add items the NPC will be able to sell and at which price.

To sell premium items, simply put the price as normal but set the column premium to "Yes". This will require your players to pay this items in game credits and not the normal in currency. Credits are roughly 10 credits for 1$.

It is possible to find on which zone and where on the map a NPC is by simply clicking the "On Map" button. The map editor will be open and then jump on the right spot showing the first instance of that particular NPC.

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