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Panel Style Editor

The panel style editor allows to change the aspect of the game, like how the panels (NPC dialogs, Inventory, and more) look like as well as the base colors used by the engine.

To change a panel style, simply upload a relatively small image containing the whole panel (borders, corners, header, and content area). After the upload adjust the different sizes to match your panel and the look of the game will be updated. You don't need to cut the image in smaller pieces yourself as the engine will do this work for you by repeating the parts needed to make the panel re-sizable.

Colors must be define by providing the HTML color format which starts with an hash character (#) followed by 3 numbers in hexadecimal format (Red, Green, Blue). Most drawing software will let you pick a color and give you the HTML color code for it.

While you edit your style a preview of the panel will be display live on the bottom part of the editor. Therefore check out how it will look like for your players and ensure the game will be usable.

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