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Pixel Editor

The integrated pixel editor is currently a work in progress and allows only limited actions. We do however plan to improve the tool and hopefully deliver a fully usable editor within our engine.

You can currently use the pixel editor to create or edit map objects, characters or tiles.

The interface is split in main parts:
  1. Action bar: found on the left side of the interface you find all the possible actions of the editor.
  2. Color chooser: found on the bottom left side on the interface it allows to choose the current color used to paint.
  3. Canvas: found on the middle of the screen the canvas let you paint on your sprites.
  4. Layers: the layer bar found on the right side of the screen allows to have multiple layers for a single sprite.
  5. Sprites: found on the bottom of the interface the sprites list shows all the sprites included inside this image.
Some tools like the block paint or the magic wand do have alternative functions while using the control key and clicking. The block paint will then fill all the zone, and the magic wand will select all the pixel of that color even if they are not connected together.

Shortcut keys:
Arrow keys:Translates the layer or the selected pixels around.
Escape key:Cancels the current selection.
Ctrl + Click on a layerSelects all the pixels of the layer and as the same time not switch the active layer.
Page Up / Page DownChange the active sprite.
PSelects the block paint action.
ESelects the eraser action.
CSelects the color picker.
WSelects the magic wand.
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action. Can be called multiple times.
Ctrl + YRedo the last action. Can be called multiple times.
0-9Chooses one of the 10 pre-made shades based on the selected color.

Undo / Redo:

The pixel editors stores most actions in a action stack allowing you to roll back to a previous state or re-do an action. Resizing, Saving and Creating new sprite clear up the action stack and therefore cannot be undone.

While painting:

Right click allows to pick the pixel color under the mouse.
Ctrl + click allows to fill the area under the mouse.
Alt + click allows to select the area under the mouse.
Alt + Ctrl + click allows to select all the pixels of the color under the mouse.

Adding new sprites:

It is possible to add new sprites while working with background tiles and map objects, however the character editing doesn't allows to add new tiles.

While working with background tiles, the number of columns produced is not changed as well as the position of the tiles will remain as is. However adding new tiles for map objects the placement on the final image of all your sprites may and will most likely change however the engine will take care of the map objects placement for you.


While working with map objects, resizing a sprite, or adding a new sprite will change the position of all your sprites automatically as the engine repack your sprites. The map object information will be corrected for you following the new coordinate and sizes as defined in the pixel editor.

While working with characters, resizing a sprite actually resizes all the sprites of your characters as all the sprites must be of the same size.

It is not possible to resize the size of background tiles.

Adding sprites / tiles from existing image

The pixel editor let you add either a single background tile to your tiles image or a single sprite to an existing sprite map using the button "Add sprite from file" found on the left bar.

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