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Quest Editor

The Object Type Editor allows to defines quests and quest journal entries. A quest could be any kind of objective the player must complete, and the journal entries is the progression toward the end of the quest. The goal of this system is to help the player to remember what to do as well as give him / her a sense of progression when a quest complete.

To create a quest simply press the "Add" button on the bottom left of the editor and then start editing the name of the quest and the description. The name must be unique and follow the naming rules of the engine.

A quest can have an unlimited number of journal entries, and journal entries can be corrected even after some of the players already received this journal entry. For this reason a journal entry receive a unique ID within its quest.

To add a journal entry use the button at the bottom of the panel "Add Journal Entry".

Quests must be then be added via script with the simplified command "Start Quest" or with the Script function "Quest.Start".

Journal entries can be delivered with the simplified command "Add Journal Entry" or with the Script function "Quest.AddJournalEntry".

Quests and journal entries are then visible by your players on the "Journal" panel on the left side of the game area.

At the end of a quest remember to close it via the simplified command "Complete Quest" or with the Script function "Quest.Complete".

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