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Simple map editing

Warning: If you plan to change the tiles it is strongly suggested that you do it before editing any map. Adding new tiles or just generally working on your own tile sheet is not an issue, however as the engine works with tiles ID (numbers), changing completely a tile sheet may end ups with odd results.

If you plan to change the tiles art, please check out the tiles editor

Map editing is one of the main work you will have to do to create your own virtual world. Why is it one of the main work? Well because all the player interaction do happen on the map, and therefore having well designed map is a must. Don't worry, we do have tools to help you work on maps, and we shall start slowly with the map editor.

Inside Dot Work Maker maps work in layers. The bottom layer is the tiles, you have then actors and objects and finally messages

The map editor allows to edit all those different layers beside the messages as they will be added during the play time.

The map editor is available once you are logged on one game you can edit, for example a game you created yourself. In this case the administration menu bar should be present on top of the window. Select the "Editors" menu, and then "Maps".
Map Zone: The world is split in different "zones" (check out the zone help page for more info) which can then be selected by choosing it in the zone drop down.

Commands: Beside the "Save" button which simply saves the maps you worked on, you can select one of the different action command being "Background tile" or others. By selecting one the map editor will then react differently when you click on the map.

Grid: The grid check-box allows to show or hide the map grid, which concerns mainly the background tiles but can help you align the objects as well.

Coordinates: The coordinate box shows the current coordinate where your mouse is on the map. You can use those for the default spawn point, or for any teleportation of the player you need to do.

Selector: The selector depends on the current selected command. For example if you choose "Background Tile" all the possible tiles will appear while if you choose "Monsters" a list of monster will be available.

Map: To edit the map simply left click with the mouse on the map and the selected command will be executed. Most commands accept a right click to remove the placed object for example. While being on the map you can use the mouse wheel to change the selection without having to move the mouse and click choose it in the "Selector".

Undo background painting: by right clicking on the map while you have a tool which modify the tiles, it will roll back that tile. The history is reset every time you change the tool.

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