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Skills Editor

The Skills Editor allows to define active all the skills of your players will be able to learn. Skills can be action skills used during combats, or instant skills like healing, or passive skills used for example during a quest or allowing to wear certain items.

Skills do have default parameters which cannot be neither renamed nor removed plus additional parameters used to simplify the tweaking of the skill logic.
Name Identifies uniquely the skill and will be used in the logics. Don't change it once you started to use the skill somewhere or after giving it to the players.
Display Name Allows to modify the label the player will see in his/her profile panel. You may modify this at any time without fear of breaking the game logic.
Auto Receive Defines if the player receives it when he/she first enter the game.
Icon Defines the icon displayed in the quickslot bar when the skill is placed there.
Quickslot Defines if the skill can be placed in the quickslot. Passive skills should be set to false.
Quickslot Editable Defines if a skill can be placed, moved or removed from the quickslot. For example the "Attack" skill should not be editable as it should always remain as base attack.

Note: the "Attack" skill which cannot be renamed, nor removed, any other pre-made skills can be renamed or removed. The attack skill is the one used when you click on a monster while being on the map and therefore it must remain within the game.
The logic script is composed of two optional functions:
  1. "Activate" which is called when the skill is activated and must return true if the skill can remain active or false if not. This is useful for instant skills like healing which should be called but should return to the previous attacking mode.
  2. "Action" when the player click on a monster the currently active skill "Action" function will be called and the logic will be executed. This is how the engine deals with the attacks of the player against the monsters. For more information check out the default "Attack" skill code.

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