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Stats Editor

The Stat Editor allows to define active all the stats of your players as well as some of your monsters as well. Stats are like counters storing a number and which can have logic reacting to the changes. Typical stats are the Life (or HP) and Energy (or Mana / MP), but the engine use stats for the money, level, experience too.

Stats do have default parameters which cannot be neither renamed nor removed plus additional parameters used to simplify the tweaking of the stat logic.
Name Identifies uniquely the skill and will be used in the logics. Don't change it once you started to use the skill somewhere or after giving it to the players.
Display Name Allows to modify the label the player will see in his/her profile panel. You may modify this at any time without fear of breaking the game logic.
Player Visible Allows to show or hide this stats from the player panel page. Can be used for temporary stats or stat modifiers.
Default Value Defines the initial value given to new players.
Monster Stat Defines if the monsters get this stat as well. "Life" is a stat the monster must receive as it will decide when the monster die.

Note: many default stats cannot be renamed as they are used overall by the game engine. In this case the "Name" field is not editable.
Note: the "Experience" stat is linked with the "Level" stat as player get experience (during combats or via quests) and once the maximum experience is reached a new level is gained and the experience is reset. The logic script is composed of three optional functions:
  1. "ValueChange" which is called when the value of the stat change.
  2. "MaxValue" which is called to calculate the maximum value of the stat.
  3. "CanUpgrade" which is called by the player profile panel to know if the stat can be upgraded for example after a level gain.
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