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The Zones Editor allows to define different "maps" usable in the game. Only one zone is mandatory in a game, however zones can easily define "interiors" or "caves" while letting your players wander a single nearly infinite world.

Zones are the base map which should be then edited on via the map editor. They usually are a good starting point but hardly a finished map by their own.

Name Identifies uniquely the zone and is used by the engine for example in the teleport function.
Effect Defines what kind of visual overlay must be applied when the player enters the zone.
Music Defines an optional background music used when the player enters the zone.
Generator Defines which generator is used as base procedural map (check further to see the difference between the generators).
Objects on map Defines what kind of objects and at which frequency the engine must place randomly on the map.
Monster on map Defines what kind of monster and at which frequency the engine must place randomly on the map.

Each Zone uses as base a procedural generator which can be very simple like the constant generator or a more complex one like the maze generator:
Constant This generator produces a flat (single tile) near infinite map. Can be a good starting point for an interior as you can then edit the rooms.
Perlin This generator produces round zones of different tiles depending on the level. The bottom level the generator produce is 0 and the top most is 1, with all values in between. This is the ideal generator for an island world or a world with lakes, or for hills.
Maze This generator produces a fully functional maze of the requested size. The maze can be traveled across and doesn't have "dead sections" while it does have "dead ends". By that we mean your players will be able to go from any portion of the maze to any other portion of the maze, but it may require some efforts to do so.
Cave This generator produces an continuous area which has a more natural look than the maze and is usually easier to walk across.

Each generator has its own set of parameters with defaults allowing to see some results. On the bottom of the panel a preview of the zone will be displayed.

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