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 FreeStandardSelf Hosted
Online editorYesYesYes
Advanced map editorYesYesYes
Huge mapsYesYesYes
Customizable rulesYesYesYes
Your own direct URLYesYesRun's on your server
Zone musicYesYesYes
Zone generatorsYesYesYes
Export / ImportYesYesYes
Allows add-onYesYesYes
Fog, rain, and moreNoYesYes
Premium shopNoYesMust be implemented
Particle EffectsNoYesYes
Number of zones5UnlimitedUnlimited
File storage5Mb10MbUnlimited
Concurrent players (1)-10Unlimited
PriceFree30$ one time150$ one time
(contact us: )

(1) Concurrent players are counted as players in game at the same time. You can upgrade this at any time.

Self Hosting

You can find our engine on GITHUB: ( The software is open source (GPL V3) therefore feel free to use it and modify it as will. We would be however interested to know who is using it, so drop us an email in case. The self-hosted engine contains all the features beside the tileset1 and the possibility to host multiple games.

Concurrent players:

Up to 10Included in the standard license
Up to 505$ per month
Up to 10010$ per month
Up to 20020$ per month
Up to 50050$ per month
MorePlease contact us:


Note: currently we don't have an automated system for the extra. Please contact us if you need any of the following features or any other special requests.

Single private incident support (engine bug reports are free)30$
Restore your game (with or without all the players) from a daily backup (up to 30 days back)30$
Brand removal30$ / Year per game
Special domain40$ / Year
Storage 250Mb15$ / Year per game
Storage 500Mb27$ / Year per game
Storage 1Gb50$ / Year per game
Player owned shops5$ (Release mid 2017)

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